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    HollySys unveiled at the 2018 Malaysia Smart Manufacturing Exhibition and Conference



    15-18 August 2018, the Malaysian Smart Manufacturing Exhibition (SMEX) was successfully held at the Malaysia International Trade Exhibition Centre. The exhibition was hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, and the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and West Mac International Exhibition Co., Ltd. jointly undertake. The exhibition was divided into two parts, the exhibition, and the forum. HollySys was unveiled at the forum with a technical expert to deliver a keynote speech.


    SMEX is a large-scale industrial automation exhibition organized by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China. The exhibition covers all areas of manufacturing and trade in machine tools and metalworking, robotics and industrial automation, industrial parts, energy, pipe and wire, logistics, new energy vehicles, etc., aiming to create the first event in Malaysia's industrial production and intelligent manufacturing. ?The exhibition was supported by the Malaysian Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Malaysian Foreign Trade Association and the Malaysian Machinery Chamber of Commerce. It was attracted nearly 100 companies from China and Malaysia to exhibit products including automation, machine equipment, robots, the Internet of Things and The latest achievements in many fields such as big data analysis


    HollySys technical experts gave a keynote speech on “What smart factories can bring to us”, sharing the application prospects of HollySys Smart Factory Solutions and the expansion direction of HollySys International Business. The guests were deeply inspired and conducted in-depth communication on the spot.


    HollySys has been in the Malaysian market for many years and has two well-known M&E subsidiaries, BOND and CONCORD, covering a wide range of industries including power plants, metallurgy, and water. The exhibition has enhanced the brand influence of HollySys in Malaysia and won the cooperation intention of many local companies, creating favorable conditions for the further expansion of the local and surrounding markets.